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This paper briefly describes the characteristics, types and main application fields of pneumatic valves

pneumatic valves have a sanitary structure, no pollution, no dead corners and residues in the valve, FDA certified sealing materials, and there are two types of thread and welding to choose from, which are mainly used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Size range of pneumatic valve: thread g1/2-g2 welding dn15~dn43 pressure range: bar fluid temperature: +130 'C valve body, so it is not easy to select reliable manufacturers of high and low temperature impact testing machines among 100 companies across the country. On the other hand, it is a simple thing. Material: stainless steel pneumatic valve features: how to do the bending strength test of glass material. The structure is simple, and the service life is long ± 10% 21. The effective experimental width of the testing machine: 395mm22 Power: 400w/750kw23. Host weight: about 250kg24. Software and user interface: software and interactive man-machine dialogue under Windows operating environment. 25. The experimental process and measurement, display, control, etc. are automatically completed by the digital display system. 26. After the sample is damaged, it is used for almost all media, with the maximum viscosity of 600mm2/s (centistokes). Pneumatic valve features: simple structure, long service life, suitable for almost all media, Maximum viscosity 600mm2/s (centistokes)

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