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The market reaction of phenolic foam board packaging machine is good

it is understood that phenolic foam board is a porous phenolic foam board made of the condensation polymer of phenol and formaldehyde and other additives. Phenolic foam board packaging machine has been widely used in Japan's building insulation system

fortunately, the composite phenolic foam board developed by most domestic enterprises has been tested by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, and its combustion performance has reached gb8624a. This shows that phenolic foam board, as a safe and green new energy-saving building material, its advantages have been recognized by the construction department and the public security and fire department. At present, the company takes phenolic fire-proof and thermal insulation materials as its main products, and has two automatic continuous production lines, which fills the gap of fire-proof and thermal insulation required by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development after major fires in recent years, and provides the society with safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving building materials

phenolic insulation board is a porous phenolic foam board made from the condensation polymer of phenol and formaldehyde and other additives, such as scrap iron curing agent, foaming agent, surfactant and filler, which are not valued by some enterprises. In recent years, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have taken the lead in turning their attention to phenolic insulation boards that are energy-saving and fire-proof. At present, phenolic panels produced abroad have better thermal insulation performance, and their thermal conductivity is lower than extruded polystyrene panels. In particular, phenolic panels have been widely used in building thermal insulation systems in Japan. However, at present, the domestic promotion is small, the production technology is relatively backward, and its thermal insulation performance is slightly worse than that of foreign products

the Ministry of plastics and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly formulated the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external thermal insulation system and exterior wall decoration of civil buildings in 2009 by searching for sustainable materials to replace the ABS currently used in Lego building blocks, requiring that "the flammability of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings should be grade A and not lower than grade B2"; In 2011, the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for the fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings, requiring that "the use standard of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings shall not be lower than grade a", in order to cut off the soil breeding fire from the root. At present, these two standards are being implemented at the same time, which makes the manufacturers of thermal insulation materials and the departments responsible for inspection and fire protection a headache. Although there are some conflicts between the two standards, the focus is still on the fire resistance of exterior wall materials. The closer it is to grade A, the better. Phenolic foam board can meet these two standards at the same time

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