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The scale of the consumer UAV market is expected to reach 30billion. After controlling 70% of the global market, Dajiang released new models to consolidate its position

Huaxia times () Wang Xiaoyu, Huang Xingli, Beijing report

as a rare Chinese company in the global leading new technology field, Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dajiang) has defeated many domestic and foreign competitors in the past 12 years with its technology and products accumulated in the field of civil UAVs and aerial photography

if the market pattern of professional UAV products and industrial application fields, which are still in the initial stage, is still uncertain, then in the field of consumer UAVs, which has gradually entered a mature stage, Dajiang has encountered few competitors, and each new product release is a new round of "harvest" of the market

on August 23, Dajiang released the new "Yu" mavic 2 UAV of the "Yu" series in its consumer UAV product line in New York. Unlike previous products, this new product launched two versions of models, the professional version and the zoom version, and gave the new generation of Yu series the market positioning of "carrying aerial photography flagship"

"this is also the first time in the world to use optical zoom lens on consumer UAVs," Qiao Yan, CEO of Dajiang media, said at the new product launch held in Beijing on August 24. "The new generation of products has greatly improved the shooting performance with basically the same volume."

at present, Dajiang has three product lines in the field of consumer aerial camera UAVs, including Yu, Xiao and spirit. With its technical advantages and market positioning, Dajiang has stood out from the once blooming market competition. At present, it has controlled about 70% of the global consumer UAV market share, which is a rare achievement for Chinese enterprises to participate in the global competition in the field of new technology

according to the data released by the market prediction agency, the annual compound growth rate of the UAV industry will reach nearly 30% in the next five years, of which the market scale of consumer UAV is expected to reach 30billion yuan. For consumer UAV, a product with consumption inertia, once the product and market advantages are established, it will be difficult for the chaser to shake its position, Especially for enterprises like Dajiang, which have fully demonstrated the Matthew effect of PPG in the field of composite materials in terms of capital and technology, the barrier of consumer UAV products will become higher and higher with the iteration of their products

from the technical improvement made by Dajiang for Yu series new products this time, the use attribute of consumer UAV as an image acquisition tool is more prominent. At the same time, through the technical upgrading of UAV performance and function, the technology in the use process is simplified. With the support of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 973 program, 863 program, international cooperation program and other projects, the technical threshold for flight performance, digital image transmission performance Intelligent shooting and security performance have also been upgraded

in terms of image, in addition to the use of new optical zoom lens, the most eye-catching is the use of the l1d-20c aerial camera jointly developed by Dajiang and hassu. Last year, Dajiang announced to take shares in Hasu, a Swedish old brand optical imaging instrument enterprise, and become the largest shareholder. Its main purpose is to improve its experience in the current core application shooting link of consumer grade aerial cameras. Because image technology has been around for more than a century, and its maturity is far beyond drones, it is difficult for latecomers to achieve a major breakthrough in a short time from scratch, so acquisition has become the most appropriate choice

according to Dajiang, the l1d-20c aerial camera adopts a one inch 20million pixel CMOS sensor, which is close to the sensor performance of some high-end household digital cameras. At the same time, the zoom lens products can also allow users to expand their creative space when shooting Chen Yangfeng, product manager of Jishi of Taizhou Jigu Rubber Co., Ltd. In 2017, the packaging orders of food, beverages, daily chemicals, clothing and other products are more and more likely to accelerate the decline. With the improvement of focusing speed, the support of new video and image formats can also obtain higher quality materials when shooting videos and photos, so as to lay a good foundation for post production

if Dajiang has long had no worries in the field of consumer UAVs, it still needs to face the challenges of many competitors in the professional application field with higher added value and larger market space. Market institutions predict that by 2025, China's professional UAV market, including agriculture, forestry and plant protection, security, power and other industries, will have more than 40 billion space to be explored. Similarly, the film and television industry has a lot of demand in the professional level and the market between professional level and consumer level

"at present, about 80% of Dajiang's products are sold to foreign markets, which has a lot to do with the layout of industrial demand," a public relations person in charge of Dajiang said in an interview with Huaxia times at the press conference on the 24th. "For example, the film and television industry is still mainly concentrated abroad, so a lot of demand comes from abroad."

in fact, Dajiang has already prepared for a rainy day and began to layout the industrial application of UAVs. Not long ago, Dajiang completed a fund-raising plan with a valuation of $15billion and a maximum of $1billion. For Dajiang, which has good cash flow and no urgent need for funds, this financing is more like a strategy for rapid expansion and suppression of competitors

at present, Dajiang's industry-oriented products mainly include UAV platforms, integrated solutions, software and platform development, imaging and other fields. It will carry out many explorations for the realization of relevant applications through UAV platforms in many new fields, including agriculture, energy, construction and so on, and create an image era known as the "integration of heaven and earth" in the world

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